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So you may ask what the heck is this?  Hawaii Zombies?  Why Zombies?

Well because new media professionals are incredibly focused on a cause, never sleep, and have all the braaaaaaiiiiinnnns!


Yes, it is a little silly, but our message is serious.

This is a collaboration between several businesses in Hawaii combining forces to help the community.

Non-profits need and deserve quality websites and services to share their important cause.  Very often they have little to no budgets and are left to try and find someone to help.  Often they end up with substandard work.  Other times they are stuck trying to do it themselves.

Our program is the first of its kind that will help non profits in need, get websites and other services really cheap and even FREE! 

The project will offer:

  • grants for websites and services including graphic design and social media
  • efforts to raise awareness for causes through a series of special events
  • recycled websites which is an amazing service where we collect donated unused websites and recycle them for people in need!

So if you are eligible apply.

If you want to support our efforts donate.

And if you want to show us love, share our website with your friends.

You have been bitten, so pass the ZOMBIE love on!