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Meet the Zombies

What is this Zombie thing?  Well, we are often up all night or for long hours.  We stick together.  And of course we have all the braaaiiiinnnnnssssssss!

But seriously though, the Zombies are the name we give the new media professionals who have chosen to use their skills to help the community for this project.

Our  Zombies have been working in the community for years and found a frustration with being unable to provide  non profits with the services they deserve due to budget limitations or being overextended on pro bono work.  So we created this project to help.

Each Zombie has agreed to dedicate a certain amount of pro bono work still,  for for each project.  But through funding and sponsorship, they are still paid but at a reduced non profit rate.   The combination of both, allow us to take care of the businesses providing the services while also giving the non profit the services they need at a much lower rate if not entirely free.

  • Daniela Stolfi-Tow – BOSS Hawaii
  • Ryan Sweeney – BOSS / Jackson Ink PR
  • Louis Galdeira – Get Social
  • Kay Yamaguchi – Yamaguchi Designs
  • Maleko McDonnel

If you are interested in becoming a  ZOMBIE EMAIL Dani for more information.