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Simply put, sponsors/donations allow us to offer more grants.  By sponsoring/donating to our projects,  you allow us to provide web services so the non profits can apply their already limited budgets to other things.  It also assures the non profit gets the same high level services as a business.


How is my donation used?

The donations are used to cover costs such as hosting, license fees, software and development, and other costs involved. The Zombies already provide probono work. But they can only take a limited amount per year. (Zombies have bills to pay too!) Through your support, it allows the Zombies to take on more projects. The more support, the more people we can help.

Can I choose which non profit receives my donation?

Donations made are equally divided between the non profits that have been selected to receive grants. Either way, they will all receive the same amount.

Can I write off my donation?

YES! You will receive a receipt directly from the non profits. The Zombies are not a non profit organization, we are just a group of community conscious businesses a service for non profits and helping them raise the money to pay for it.  An invoice is generated to them and it is marked paid by the list of sponsors who donated during the grant period.

How do you choose the non profit?

We go through the applications carefully and consider several things.  The organizations Need, impact, size of project, overall budget, team availability and how much money is available to give them.  We want to help as many as we can, but the more projects we take the lower amount each company gets.  So we will be carefully weighing all of these aspects to make sure we can provide the very best we can for what is available at that time.