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We will be awarding web grants for eligible Non Profits starting 2013.

These web grants are not cash grants.  You receive them in the form of services which is a combination of pro bono and services paid through sponsors and donations.  (see the about section for more on how this works)

The amount of the grants awarded and the costs of the grants will depend on how much funding we receive and how much pro bono work the Zombies are available to do.

In some cases the awards may full cover your project.  In others, it will significantly reduce the cost.

To be eligible you must:

  • be an official non profit with 501(c)3 in the State of Hawaii
  • have need of a new website, website redesign, social media project or some other kind of web related work

To APPLY please  EMAIL US the following:

  • provide us with a complete description of your project.  Please provide as many details as possible.
  • the deadline (when you need your project completed by)
  • your budget
  • proof of our non profit status